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Year-round Jeju Festivals ①· Year-round Jeju Festivals ② 블로그 전송 카페 전송 밴드 전송 카카오스토리 전송 페이스북전송 트위터전송
The Heartland of Horses, JejuJeju Horse Festival

Year-round Jeju Festivals ②
Year-round Jeju Festivals ②Year-round Jeju Festivals ②Year-round Jeju Festivals ②Year-round Jeju Festivals ②Year-round Jeju Festivals ②

Jeju Horse Festival is the only festival that is held under the theme of horses in Korea. It exhibits horse-related goods, offers horse-riding experiences, horse meat tasting, and various auxiliary events such as cooking demonstrations by invited famous chefs, singing contests, and an OX quiz. The first day of the festival will begin with a pungmul gillori (street play with folk percussion) performance and then Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 13 ‘Jeju Keungut (shamanic performance)’ will be held. During the demonstration of the shamanistic performance, tourists have an opportunity to get involved. After the performance, tourists can learn shamanic songs and taste food. Invited singers perform on the stage and around the ‘Let’s Run Park Jeju’ event, various experience courtyards will be held.

Address1206, Yusuam-ri, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do (Let’s Run Park Jeju)
TimeDuring October

Enjoy Trekking Enjoy Yellow Corvina!Chujado Yellow Corvina Festival

Year-round Jeju Festivals ②
Year-round Jeju Festivals ②Year-round Jeju Festivals ②Year-round Jeju Festivals ②Year-round Jeju Festivals ②Year-round Jeju Festivals ②

The Chujado Yellow Corvina Festival which began in 2008, is Jeju’s representative festival that integrates a ritual to wish for a big catch of Yellow Corvina, the specialty produce of Chujado. The festival is making a significant contribution to promoting the excellence of Yellow Corvina, introducing local traditional culture, inducing tourists and revitalizing the local economy, as well as promoting the value of traditional culture. Yellow Corvina Festival is held in the vicinity of Chujahang Port every year, and the area is connected with Nabaron Sky Path and Chuseoksan Wish Path, so tourists who enjoy trekking can approach the festival venue easily. The festival will provide an unforgettable experience for tourists who travel to Jeju. Chujado Yellow Corvina Festival is selected as the best festival by Jeju-do every year.

AddressChuja-myeon, Jeju-si, Jeju-do (In the vicinity of Chujahang Port)
TimeDuring September

Run along the Road Full of Tangerine AromaJeju Mandarin International Marathon Race

Year-round Jeju Festivals ②
Year-round Jeju Festivals ②Year-round Jeju Festivals ②Year-round Jeju Festivals ②Year-round Jeju Festivals ②

The Jeju Mandarin International Marathon Race which is held in autumn when the aroma of tangerines spreads thick, is held to promote the excellence of Jeju tangerines and to improve the competitiveness of them. It is participated in by some 500 tourists from China and Southeast Asia, so it is becoming an international event. The Jeju tangerine industry is facing a whopping 2.5 trillion won in negative impact on farmers since FTA, and due to the global warming phenomenon, the cultivation area of tangerines is moving northward, and farmers are experiencing economic difficulties. To overcome such difficulties, Seogwipo-si is planning to foster Jeju tangerines as a global brand. The 2017 Jeju Mandarin International Marathon Race also held a tangerine expo to promote the excellence of Jeju tangerines.

CourseJeju World Cup Stadium → Daecheon Church → Hawon Gas Station → Calvary Church → Andeok Valley →Daejeong-eup Boundary Monument (Halfway point) → Jeju World Cup Stadium

Participation MethodAdvance registration via website

Address31, World cup-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do (in the vicinity of Jeju World Cup Stadium)
Fare42.195km Full Course (40,000won), Half (30,000won), 10km(25,000won), 5km(15,000won)
※ 30% discount offered for toddlers, elementary school students, middle school students
TimeDuring November

Year-round Jeju Festivals

Jan.Seogwipo International Penguin Swimming Competition / Tamna Ipchun Gut
Feb.Norimae Plum festival/ Hallim Park Plum festival/ Hueree Plum festival
Mar. Seogwipo Canola Flower International Walking Festival / Jeju bush fi re festival
Apr.Gapado Green Barley festival / Jeju Cherry Blossom festival / Jeju Seosara culture street festival (2017) / Jeju Canola Flower festival / Hallasan Mountain Wild Bracken festival
May.Farm village love pork love Jeju dosaegi (pork) festival/ Bangseonmun festival / Bomok Jaridom festival / Jeju Food & Wine festival / Jeju International Tourism Marathon festival / Hallim Park Wild Flower festival
Jun. Sinchon village street festival
Jul.Geumneung Wondam festival / Nangnang festival/ Donnaeko Valley Wonang festival / Samyang Black Sand festival / Jeju old city festiva Store Masil / Jeju Iho Teu festival/ Pyoseon White Sand festival / Hallim Park Lotus festival (~Sep.) / Summer’s night Sombancheon Youth Art Culture festival (~Aug.) / Summer’s night art festival
Aug.Dodu Oraemul festival/ Soesokkak festival / Yerae Eco Village Experience festival / Jeju Music festival/ Hansupul Ocean festival
Sep.Sanjicheon festival / Seogwipo Chilshimni festival(~Oct.) / Jeju Horse festival (~Oct.) / Jeju Haenyeo Festival / Chujado Yellow Corvina Grand Festival
Oct. What do you see in your windows (Harye-ri Eco-stream festival) / Sondang festival Alssongdalsongdang / Olle Walking festival/ Udo Turban Shell festival / Jeju Batdam festival / Jeju KOREAT festival / Tamra culture festival
Nov.Jeju Tangerine International Marathon / Southernmost Moseulpo Yellow Tail
Dec.Jeju Seongsan Ilchulbong festival / Jeju Winter festival / Jeju Herb Dongsan Starlight festival (2017)
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